Hold Down Latch Zinc Plated 90deg 79mm

Used On:
• Rotational Moulding • Bonnets • Lids • Covers • Access Panels • Hatches • Boat • Jigs • Fixtures • Agricultural Machinery

Also Called:
• Adjustable Draw Latch • U Bolt Latches • Tipping Trailer Latches • Rotational Mould Latch • Hold Down Latch

NZ$44.12 + GST

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Code Price ea. + GST ColourMaterialLoad Rating kgThread DA mmC mmE mmF mmG mmH mmJ mmK mmL mmN mmR mmS mmT mmU mm
429144.12Steel Zinc Plated225M479264.753.34.45.322426.578.514.525.41340
429252.29Steel Zinc Plated450M612433.38.761.95.57.1257.140.51102038.119.150
429378.81Steel Zinc Plated900M8133.547.612.787.18.78.645.39.558154275431.860
4296106.03Stainless Steel225M481264.7554.45.321426.57714.525.41340
4297122.97Stainless Steel450M612333.38.7665.57.1257.1411102138.119.150
4298165.91Stainless Steel900M8133.547.612.795.18.78.745.39.558150275431.860
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