Gas Strut Dust Protector Safety Shroud 316 SS 195mm

Used On:
• Gas Struts • Doors • Windows • Covers • Camper Vans • Caravans • Motor Homes • Machines • Automation • Marine application

Also Called:
• Gas Strut Cover • Gas Strut Shroud

• Protects the gas strut shaft from contamination and eliminates pinch points, making it safer • 316 Stainless Steel • Cut the tube to suit your gas strut stroke and slide the shroud over the shaft
NZ$32.77 + GST

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Code Price ea. + GST ColourMaterialA mmD mmE mm
440832.77Stainless Steel 3161956.123
441040.95Stainless Steel 31653010.530
440935.8Stainless Steel 3163908.126
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