Fixed Plate Castor Stainless Steel 63mm

Used On:
• Picking Trolleys • Dispatch Tables • Warehouse Handling Equipment

Also Called:
• Castor Wheel • Trolley Wheel • Bolt On Wheel

Fixed Plate Castor Rubber Wheel
NZ$55.52 + GST

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Code Price ea. + GST ColourMaterialFigureLoad Rating kgWheel TypeA mmB mmC mmD mmE mmF mmG mmH mmW mm
153855.52Stainless Steel
468486.5Stainless Steel440Rubber65609060244265426
4685111.68Stainless Steel340Rubber651009060244265426
4816104.34Stainless Steel480Rubber8080107803260105808
4817127.31Stainless Steel380Rubber85120107805160100808
481865.22Stainless Steel5100Rubber80107803260100808
4819108.67Stainless Steel4100Rubber80901301003560105808
4820137.34Stainless Steel3100Rubber85901301003560100808
482181.19Stainless Steel5100Rubber801301003560105808
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