HOW CAN I TRACK MY ORDER? Once a customer has placed an order through Co-Mac, the order is processed and dispatched to our Warehouse. Our Warehouse Staff pick and pack your order, and the Courier collects within the hour. Once the order has been invoiced you will receive an email with tracking details attached.


WHAT ARE YOUR DELIVERY TIME FRAMES? All orders to be sent by Courier need to be placed before 4pm and all orders to be sent by truck need to be placed by 2.30pm in order to leave our building and catch the overnight service. Orders sent via Courier to a business address are prioritized before Residentials. Delivery times are approximate only. We do not accept any liability in respect of nonperformance of our Couriers obligations due to disruptions outside of their control.


HOW MUCH DOES YOUR DELIVERY COST? Co-Mac has a standard freight charge of $9.80+GST for all items travelling via Courier. All items travelling via Truck within the North Island are $49.90+GST and $59.90+GST within the South Island.


WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I NEED MY ORDER BY A CERTAIN DATE? If you have a specified delivery date for your order, please let us know so we can ensure this makes the overnight service. You also have the option to arrange your own freight if you prefer a particular carrier.


WHO DELIVERS MY ORDER? HOW ARE ORDERS DELIVERED? New Zealand Couriers are our default service for smaller items under 1.8meters. Orders over 1.8meters in length or that exceed the weight limit are sent via Mainfreight. You also have the option to send via Courier Post, or a freight forward service of your choice. Our Courier collects our parcels throughout the day and they endeavor to have this delivered to a Non-Rural/Non-Residential business address before Mid-day the following day. Business addresses are prioritized for first thing the following morning and all residentials are the following day before 5.30pm. Rural deliveries can take anywhere between 2-5 working days. Larger items being sent via Mainfreight are collected from us later in the afternoon and can take anywhere between 2-6 working days.


DO CO-MAC SHIP INTERNATIONALLY AND WHAT IS THE FREIGHT CHARGE? Yes, we can ship internationally. The price for freight is calculated by the weight, dimension and destination of your order. This is available on request.


CAN I GET DIFFERENT PRODUCTS WITHIN MY ORDER SENT TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS? Yes you can, however there will be an extra Freight charge for items within an order being sent to different locations.


WHY HAVE I ONLY RECEIVED PART OF MY ORDER? SOME PRODUCTS ARE MISSING FROM MY ORDER, WHERE ARE THE OTHER PRODUCTS I ORDERED? If there is a missing product from your order which we have short shipped, please contact us immediately so we can send the part out on our next courier run for you.

New Zealand Couriers have a weight restriction of 25kg, if the parcel exceeds the limit, we would need to split this into two separate parcels. If you have placed an order with several different components which range in size, we would need to pack these separately also. The courier may have delivered Part 1 of the order with Part 2 following later that day – if you think the courier has forgotten part of the parcel please contact us and we will lodge an urgent query with our local branch.




CAN I RETURN A PRODUCT I HAVE PURCHASED THROUGH CO-MAC? Yes, you can, if the item is unused and is still in saleable condition.


HOW DO I RETURN A PRODUCT? All items being returned for a credit must have paperwork sent with it and attention to Inwards Goods.  Please send to our distribution center at105 Kaimanawa Street, Palmerston North. Refunds can be returned to your card which you made the purchase on or can be direct credited into your bank account. For funds to be refunded to a bank account you would need to provide a copy of your bank deposit slip.


I JUST RECEIVED MY ORDER, AND SOMETHING IS DAMAGED/FAULTY/WRONG. WHAT DO I DO? If you have received your order and find the goods are damaged, faulty or incorrect, please send us an email to [email protected] or contact us on 0800 33 55 22 so we can arrange for the item to be returned and the replacement items to be sent out.


Payment and Security


IS IT SAFE TO SHOP ONLINE? ARE MY DETAILS SECURE? Yes, it is safe to shop online. This website is HTTPS secured, providing an encrypted link between the browser and web server. Our online payment provider is also secured using HTTPS and we are committed to protecting your privacy whenever you buy goods from us.


HOW DO I PAY FOR MY ORDER? WHICH CREDIT CARDS DO YOU ACCEPT? If you are placing an order online, you have the option to pay via Bank Transfer, Credit Card or have this charged to your Co-Mac account. For payments made via credit card, we only accept Mastercard or Visa.


I DON’T HAVE A CREDIT CARD, DO YOU ACCEPT ONLINE BANKING, CHEQUES OR IS THERE A BUY NOW PAY LATER SERVICE? If you don’t have a Credit Card, we do accept Debit Cards. Payments can be made via Bank Transfer and bank details will be listed on your Proforma invoice. We do accept Cheques, but goods are not released until the cheque has arrived in the mail, sometimes this can take over a week. We do not offer a “buy now, pay later” service.




IS THE PRICING ON THE WEBSITE CURRENT? Yes, the pricing is current on the website.


DO I GET A TRADE DISCOUNT? No. We do not have trade or retail price lists, the prices shown on the website are the prices you will be charged.


DO I GET A DISCOUNT IF I PURCHASE IN BULK? WHAT IS YOUR DISCOUNT PROCEDURE? First Price Break – 15% discount on any one item, ordered at any one time amounting to more than $900 plus GST. Second Price Break – 20% discount on any one item, ordered at any one time amounting to more than $2500 plus GST, but is not available on all items. This discount is subject to assessment at the time of order. To Clarify the above, a product with $10.00 +GST may qualify for a discount on an order of 90 units and receive a 15% discount, and at 250 units, a 20% discount. To receive the discounts, a single order much reach the price break quantity, not a quantity order built up over a period. The discount is also based on each line item. E.g. 90 items @ $10.00+GST may qualify for the 15% discount but 1 different item on the same order would not receive the discount. This discount structure may not apply to all items in our catalogue and only applied if payment is made the 20th of the month following invoice date.


IS THE PRICE LISTED ON THE WEBSITE GST INCLUSIVE? No, all prices on the website are excluding GST.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE PRICE CHANGES? The price is always up to date on our website. Our customers are notified well in advance, prior to a price rise coming into effect.


Customer Service


I NEED MORE HELP. HOW DO I CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE? Give us a call on 0800 33 55 22 to speak with one of our helpful staff members, or email us on [email protected] for any system and product enquiries.




WHY WON’T MY USERNAME & PASSWORD DETAILS WORK? You can recover your username and password details if you have access to the email address you used when registering.  Just select “Forgotten Username or Password” and you will receive an email address with a link to reset your details.


HOW DO I FIND AND/OR CHANGE MY ACCOUNT DETAILS? Above the row of coloured tabs there is an area which will say “hello customer”. Select the Account Settings options to update any account information




WHY SHOULD I SUBSCRIBE TO EMAIL? You will be informed of any new products Co-Mac has released and how it could be of use to you. You will also find the current deals and special promotions Co-Mac has running at the time.


HOW DO I UNSUSBSCRIBE FROM EMAIL? At the bottom of the monthly Co-Mac Mail out, you are given the option to update your preference or unsubscribe from the list. Click the “unsubscribe from this list” option and this will remove your details from our mailing list.


HOW DO I MAKE SURE CO-MAC EMAILS DON’T GO INTO MY JUNK FOLDER? If you find an email in your junk folder, mark email and email sender as “Not Junk” in Outlook. Add email senders address to the Safe Senders List. Right click on the email and select, Never Block Sender and Never Block Senders Domain.


HOW CAN I IDENTNIFY A PHISING EMAIL THAT IS NOT SENT FROM CO-MAC? There are several things you can check, firstly check the email address this has come from, most organizations will have their own email domain and company account, ours would always end in If the email is poorly written with unusual phrases and grammatical errors this could be an indication of a scam. If it looks as though there are suspicious attachments or links you would need to hover over these without clicking, if these are sending you to any other site unrelated to Co-Mac it would be a scam.




DO MY PRODUCTS COME WITH A WARRANTY? If you feel you have received a faulty product, please phone or email us so we can arrange a replacement item to be sent and process a credit for the faulty goods when they are returned.



Spare parts are not available for most of our products. In some cases you may be able to replace a cam lock for a T latch or striker for a hold down latch. Please contact our friendly staff with your enquiry



At the moment Co-Mac has only a few products that have been tested and certified.

However, Co-Mac is working on achieving this for all our products in the future.


Bulk Ordering


I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A BULK ORDER; HOW DO I KNOW IF YOU HAVE THE STOCK LEVELS I REQUIRE? Just give us a call on 0800 33 55 22 or email us on [email protected] with a request for Stock levels



If the weight and volume of the order meet the requirements of our normal courier rate these would be sent out as usual. If the weight exceeds the courier rate then the order will be sent by Truck.





On the Co-Mac website you will find many “ how to” videos along with animated design videos of our products.