Key Locking Cam Lock 11mm 180deg Rotation 11mm

Used On:
• Cabinets • Lockers • Furniture • Containers • Covers • Doors • Access Panels • Machinery • RV • Tool box • Drawers • Cupboards • Electrical Cabinets • Fire Protection Cabinets • Boot Lids

Also Called:
• Half Turn Lock • Cam Lock

• 200 possible key changes - comes with two keys • Satin Chrome finish • CL144 key (Key Series 1) available in codes #53178 & #53170 • Keyed alike option available • 8mm □ cam bar
NZ$15.26 + GST

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Code Price ea. + GST ColourMaterialCam RotationKeyed Alike OptionA mmC mm
198915.26Chrome180° Rotation1118
198515.26Chrome90° Rotation1195
198616.77Chrome180° Rotation1195
198815.41Chrome180° Rotation1225
317015.57Chrome180° Rotation1325
317815.26Chrome180° Rotation1168
198715.26Chrome180° Rotation1195
400221.01Chrome90° Rotation1195
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